Red Sea LNG Import Terminal - Sudan


Project details

  • Project Name: Red Sea LNG
  • Country: Sudan
  • Project Location Within Country: Port Sudan
  • Name of Client: Sunagas
  • Start Date: 2014

Project description :

SOFREGAZ has developed, from feasibility study to FEED, the design of the Onshore Red Sea LNG Terminal, which aim is to feed the gas to Port Sudan Power Plant and to a pipeline leading to Khartoum.

The Terminal consists in:

  • 2 Full Containment Storage Tanks (up to 4 in subsequent pahses)
  • 1 jetty with unloading facilities (2 jetties in subsequent pahses)
  • regasification facilities
  • truck loading bays
  • metering station at the battery limit with the pipeline


SOFREGAZ scope of work:

Feasibility Study, FEED package and ITB preparation.