Dunkerque Truck Loading


Project details

  • Project Name: FEED for LNG Truck Loading station
  • Country: France
  • Project Location: Dunkerque (North of France)
  • Name of Client: Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque with Dunkerque LNG and Air Liquide
  • Start Date: January 2016
  • Completion Date: December 2016

Project description

The project consists in the installation, within the perimeter of the Dunkerque LNG terminal, of a LNG truck loading station with the following characteristics:

  • Loading bay : 1 (+2 additional in future) – design flow 90 m3/h
  • Truck capacity: 40m3
  • Frequency : max 10 trucks per day and per bay
  • Each bay equipped with 2 loading arms, breakaway system, purging by nitrogen,
  • Fully automated system for loading operations: trucks scheduling & management, access control, weighting (fiscal metering), truck filling,

The Dunkerque LNG terminal has been commissioned during the summer 2016. The station will have to be installed in a live operating terminal nearby an LNG tank with integration into existing systems.

Scope of work:   Conceptual design and then FEED

  • Process design
  • Layout and connection to existing piping systems
  • Civil & structural design
  • Safety design, extension of fire fighting network, additional fire fighting means, fire & gas detectors,
  • Electrical supply from existing panels
  • Instrumentation and control, integration in LNG terminal Distributed Control System, Emergency Shutdown System, Fire & Gas System
  • Management systems for truck filling operations; loading scheduling, access control for LNG trucks and drivers, weighting in and out, safety checks, automated filling sequence, editing bill of lading and invoice
  • Regulatory studies for permitting (Environmental Impact Assessment, Hazard study, Lightning study)
  • Cost estimate CAPEX & OPEX
  • Implementation schedule